Monday, September 10, 2007

Lemon: Further Update - New Clean Energy Fund Starts Up

Just got a note from Pario - "PETA Protests Plan to Use Hamsters to Provide Clean Energy"

A Canadian investment fund believes "clean energy is a great idea, Here - but, but all forms of energy are destroying the planet that we share with birds, fish, trees, lizards and starving people. . .

Windmills kill birds that would otherwise crap on our car windshields

Nuclear Plants
will blow up everything in the world except for Jane Fonda.

Fossil Fuels are a gift from Satan

Hydro Electricity causes global warming by killing our friends the fish and trees.

Ethanol & Bio-Diesel production will starve people that we are unlikely to ever share a beer with.

Solar Energy just won't cut it.

What's left??
Call in the hamsters.

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