Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman - September 4

He's Baaaaaack with the Brawdcast!!

Newman looks like he fed well over the summer but didn't go outside.

Harper postpones return of Parliament and possible non-confidence vote on Afstan. Julie Van Dusen from The Hill - Opening moved back a month til after Ontario Election - this to support John Tory says Julie. Throne Speech threatens stability of minority Tories.

PMSH says he's met his agenda and time for a new one. Arctic Sovereignty & The Economy. Harper leadership over Dion gives CPC an edge. Postponement will give new Cabmins a chance to get caught up.

Afstan withdrawal in 2009. Tom Parry on briefing by Military and Foreign Affairs people - so much for all comms controlled by the PM. Reports that not going well says Newman - poppies up, towns lost to Taliban, Cdn officials says not so - security improving - says always bad news reported. Parry reports that a change coming - new focus for Canadians.

Travers and Peter Harder - "is PM rolling dice, Jim??" "Yes" - says his pompous know-it-all self, not gentled by the summer break. Anyone notice how much he looks like WC Fields. Not nearly as funny, though. But absolutely as cynical. Does anyone reading this even know who WC Fields was?

Harder says what happens if we leave battlefield? Harder says NATO will have to step up. Would this mean the end of the great alliance? How about removal of all Canadian and US military presence in Europe just as Russia is ramping up its talk and flight testing its bombers. Sounds like pretty good leverage to me.

Newman on the hollowing out of Canada. Doesn't mention the hollowing out of other economies by Canadians. Jim Prentice, MinInd, on same. Tries to explain global economy to Newman. Speaks verrrryyyy slowwwly. Newman still doesn't get it. Blablabla. Prentice explains that Canadians far more acquisitive than the reverse - we're wolves not sheep. Newman quotes Burney on Inco take over, boy is this boring. Am gonna get a cold drink... Oh - what about the wealth that these takeovers create for Canadians. Can't go there - people getting rich - it just ain't Canadian. Newman quotes Dom D'alessandro - CEO of Manulife that bought Hancock?? Okay for him to go into the USA, not for others to come here.

Ontario Political Panel with Ecker, Churley and Bountrogianni on extra day off. In February. In Ontario. For families. I guess a day for families to shovel snow together. Churley has a better idea - 356 extra statutory holidays!!!!

Catholic schools - Ecker says education fantastic. I wonder if she spells potato with an e on the end (Dan Quayle reference here). I have written on this before - no need to now. Churley says if the Tories like education, than obviously it's divisive and bad. Bountro...etc says Mike Harris made all Ontarians stupid and John Tory wants to make them more stupider.

PMSH at APEC in OZ for Summit. Climate change at centre stage and trade talks. Giving speech to Parliament. Newman - what's up with India & China and GWBs alternative to the dog called Kyoto?

Leadership Panel - Rick Anderson, Robin Sears and Bubbles Ledrew. Anderson looks like he was very well fed but didn't go to a barber. Ledrew wishes he had to go to a barber. Dion, "No way that we will support the throne speech, no way unless I get to have my own psychic personal valet to cut my hairs and what not."
Anderson says Dion making a mistake - Liberals don't want and can't afford an election. If he's so smart why is he acting so dumb?
Robin says that if CPC gets defeated great - Dion very close to dividing the country over conscription - Harper can't lose on Afstan.

Weakass opener to the Pundit and Puffin season. 3/10

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