Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman - September 5

Dion on with Newman. He's still unintelligible. "Four Point" that he want now:
Clean Air, Afstan, Economy, Child Poverty (pictures of ragamuffins digging around in dumpsters in their bunny-eared snowsuits come to mind).

He will get the floor wiped in an election on these:
Clean Air will pit his awful record v.s. his bluster and economic devastation vs unreachable goals with dubious value and the war in Afstan that he voted for vs the war in Afstan that he wants to vote against.

Meanwhile he has no money and four former leader candis with petards in their pockets.

'E want to be a good partner of NATO and Afstan by telling dem for sure dat we quit and run in 2009.
That's being a good partner? If he had any credibility or strength of intent he might be able to twist a few arms in NATO. If he wasn't an Ameriphobe with Bushitis the Potus might help him twist a few arms. Let's not forget that GWB's approval rating is way higher than Steffi Dion's.
He's all over the map and I can't understand him. He's irritating. Where's Waldo speaks.

Says he went to fifty ridings in the summer - day and nite - what about the other 258 - it was a long summer.
Wants to meet leaders of USA and UN and go to Afstan and da nort if possible. It's impossible for him to meet POTUS - wont happen. And why would the UN or even the Inuit want to bother to meet him. They'll never have to deal with him.

Brief piece on election advertising- not a lot of news here - Dom LeBlanc calling it election fraud of the highest order. Yeah. Sure. Waaayyy worse than diverting Federal Sponsorship funds to pay off supporters and buy votes.

Newman goes to the unfinished business - all the crime bills (held up by unelected Grit Senators), Senate reform (held up by unelected Grit Senators) and Clean Air.

Muu Muu Libby on with Ralphie Hedgehog - on progrogue - Libby blames Tories for Grits holding up Crime bills. Ralphie is so full of crap his hair's sticking up. Peter Van Loan was missing in action - allowed the two attack teddies to go at the PM without having to duck.

Newman goes global and local - a piece on the USA election and the situation in Alberta. Ate a piece of pie.

Travers and Lessard - Lessard thinks might be good for Harper to go. Travers not sure.

Was worth it to look closer at Dion - for even a hint that he is more facile in English. No hint was seen. Still, 5/10 for a solid early season score.

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