Friday, September 28, 2007

Lemon: Update - How the Parties Would Spend the Surplus If They Were Families

Kudos to reader GDW for exquisite improvement

Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Canada

I think we need to invest the windfall by paying down our mortgage and paying off our credit cards. A penny saved in interest is a penny earned. Plus, it's time to put money away for our retirement and to plan for our estates so we leave something behind for the kids.

Ms Green and and Mr. Party
We're gonna retrofit our greenhouse, put in new solar cells and a water recycling system. Then we're gonna buy lifetime TTC passes and new bikes and rebuild our Birkenstocks. The rest we're gonna use to buy carbon offset credits for all our friends and family that can't afford them. Probably give anything that's left equally to Gore and Suzuki.

Mr. Grit
Well, half will go to my ex-wife, of course. The rest I'm going to invest in the Liberal Party because for every cent you send their way, you get five cents back. Plus, I got this thing going on with Ms Green and she really likes high living. She's almost worth it.

Mr. and Mr. N.D. Party
Well, obviously we're going to travel a lot, I mean everywhere. And we'll dine out always and buy new furniture and whole new wardrobes. Then there's the animals to think of, so we'll give a lot of money to PETA and the poor people in Darfur. Plus, maybe put some toward ashrams or tents or whatever it is that those freedom fighters defending Afghanistan against the imperialists live in.

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