Monday, September 17, 2007

Lemon: Afghanada - No News Should be Great News

Since Jan 1, 2006, about 3200Taliban-led terrorists (Terrorist Death Watch) have bitten the sandy soil of Afstan while about 360 of our defenders of freedom have been lost (Enduring Freedom).

Our 22nd Regiment has been in Afstan for 60 days. The Vandoos have suffered loss of three members of its membership since it's deployment in mid July.
And the silence is numbing.

When one of our soldiers is lost the story dominates the headlines for days.

So did the simple fact that the Vandoos were sent to Afghanistan. Daring to send Quebecers to a war zone, it was speculated by the leftist press, would drive Quebecers even more strongly against the military action there. And we were assured that this would lose the Conservatives any gains they had enjoyed by being a decent government who had shown their respect for Quebec's distinctiveness.

But the last post on that is reflected by a site search for "Afghanistan" and "Vandoos" was on August 24th - almost a month ago! Has nothing happened since? Or only nothing bad.

I'm a communications geek of sorts and if I were counselling the PMO, I'd suggest they point this out every chance they get. I'd also make sure that every act of heroism by members of the storied Quebec regiment would be trumpeted.
Quebecers (as we all do) love their heroes. It's only the NDP Liberal Democrats that want to bring them down.

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