Friday, October 12, 2007

Nom de Blog: Too Late to Send out the Clowns

We've got Crusty and Bozo for another four years...

I can’t find any media coverage on this but a friend told me he heard on the radio that our tax and spend Mayor Miller was commenting on the $160,000 corporate “gift” from MasterCard. Some details are in this press release.

MasterCard appears to be still awaiting a thank you.

Crusty Miller should be trying to stir up some corporate competition on other ideas to fund Toronto’s entertainment scene. But instead of sounding grateful toward MasterCard Miller went into his usual Danny Williams victimization role of “woe is me” and “why do we need to have Corporate sponsors when we could just tax everyone into doing what I want them to do?”

Maybe Crusty ought to do a tour of some American cities …starting in San Francisco and work his way across to New York. He’d find all kinds of corporate sponsorships which is what happens when you don’t tax everyone to death and they choose to stay in your city because it is clean and vibrant and competently run

But not our Mayor. He has immediately jumped on the bandwagon spouting: that a vote for Bozo McGuinty was a vote for Miller’s tax and spend plans.

What were we smoking when we voted these clowns in?

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