Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lemon: Perspectives on Nuit Blanche

Moi Meme
Some of these festivals are great events but most just serve some deep-seated need that Toronto politicians and residents have to feel wanted or special or world class.[...]
The city employes 34 people (figure another $5 million a year) in its special events division to produce this pointless, heartness and spirtless event.
It does help David Miller get his residents' minds off of a bankrupt and dirty city with a useless transit system, though.

Mayor David Miller called the event "unbelievably successful."
"If anything, we had too many people. It was just extraordinary and it was clear Torontonians have an incredible appetite for modern public art installations, including offbeat and weird ones," he said.

Read about the mundanity of it all

Perhaps most telling of all:
Reid said. "Staying up all night is a big thing.

That's Toronto...

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