Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman & Taber Oct 10

Newman!!! Taber!!! Williams!!! Help!!!

Roddie Macdonald gives up Atlantic Accord begging, comes to agreement with PMSH and tries to get us to believe that it has nothing to do with the Newfie election. Won't make Bill Casey happy – there will be a CPC candidate in Amherst and it won't be him says the PM. Amherst will be sad, and likely so will the Tories if Bill runs anyway. Not room for two toryish candidates along the Sunrise Trail.

So Danny wins a landslide. So. There are more electors in any Toronto riding than the whole rocky mistake of a province. So what – lose 2 seats? Danny – you gonna keep jabberin' and blamin' someone from away for the next four years so you never have to own up to your own failure to behave like a civilized human being? Dork. I used to like Newfies but you are one helluva piss poor role model. Danny is out of control - the story of his personal impropriety is enough to rotten the soul of the province.

Jamie Carroll quits and Dom Leblanc says it's over. Dom, it's not over until Mike Duffy sings.
The Carroll Affair was a symptom not a disease. Grits all over smile that Dion's version of Scott Reid is toast, errr ahh, popcorn.

Lorne Calvert on both shows at once. Double the doofus, double the boredom, double the duplicity. Way too stereo. I lived in and loved Sask and knew thousands of people there and not one, not a single Saskatchewanian, was as irritating as Lorne. Enjoy your days in the sun, Lorne, you're on your way home to Moose Jaw at about 8:03 pm on the next flat land EDay.

Both shows do previews of Ontario election.McGuinty talking about McGuinty. More ugly stereo when even mono McGuinty is way too much. According to Duff, the NDP thinks they're gonna get Tory and Grit sluff.

Paul Dewar says that NDP is gonna read the Throne Speech first before they criticize it but says that they're gonna vote against it anyway. I thought this was Dion's mantra. Dion was let off the hook by not being hammered by the media for admitting he criticized the budget without reading it.

Confidence votes in house? From James Moore, "If a party with 30 seats can bring down the government then so be it let's let the public have a chance to change its makeup." Newman draws comparison with Joe Clark on governing as a majority. Jimmy Moore, "It is too laugh. Joe Who?" Bloc has five demands, Layton has four demands and Stephane has three sides on every issue. Will see in a week what we see. Even Newman says that the NDP is cheeky for being a pain in the rump.

I hear rumours that the Throne Speech is gonna address every one of the opposition's demands. Yup, each one will be addressed in its own way.

Fife and MacCharles confirm that the PM will accept no messin' around.
Travers with Newman - Harper following up on Martin in cutting side deals. According to Travers it's equalization that holds the country together... Really, Jim. I thought it was our Hockey and Health care. Williams is irrelevant in the rest of Canada and Newfoundland is lost. No big deal. Fife wants to bring John Crosby out of retirement. According to Fife Canada is set up such that Saskatchewan should look forward to sharing it's oil revenue with the ROC.

We're in a phony war and these are phony shows. Nothing biting edge or interesting. Everyone's sitting and waiting and making conversation. You heard it here first - Election December 3rd. CPC 159 seats. Grits 90 seats. NDP 18. BQ 41.

This show - 2/10

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