Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latest Elly May Delusion

Green Leader Elizabeth May says a dinner date with NDP Leader Jack Layton might provide the spark for a parliamentary plot to topple the minority Conservatives. [...]
"On a lot of issues – certainly the ones that I think matter the most like climate change – the Liberals, the NDP, the Green party and the Bloc have less in difference than we do in common," she said.
Um, ah, Elly?
What about that difference that the three opposition parties in the HOC actually have Members of Parliament? Sorry, I know it's a little thing, and I shouldn't judge your sanity so harshly.

And, as an aside, um, if you run a strong campaign (I know - it's unlikely) then won't any votes that you get be votes that the other real parties would otherwise get?

In other words, Isn't the best way for you to contribute to the non-election of Stephen Harper is to close down shop?

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