Monday, October 01, 2007

Lemon: Bloggers are a Different Species

and are obviously too rednecked, partisan and stoopid to provide communications advice or write a speech or report?

This Ottawa Citizen reporter thinks so.

What a dumbass and stupid piece by the OC.
There are only about a million bloggers (who are not constrained by ethics rules - as he puts it) who can write circles around this McGregor illiterate and Joan Tintor is certainly one.

And the Liblogs, and Dippers, they would never do something like this (Cherniak) and there has never been an MSM (as we call mainstream media) writer who has EVER been in a conflict of interest in a story. Never.

And, does this self-righteous prig think that the CPC should maybe hire a Grit hack or an NDP hack or for that matter a neutral journalist who is really a Grit or NDP hack but doesn't admit it, to be a communications consultant for them?

Note the difference - Joan charged (I think) $240 on a $10 k agreement - a Grit consultant would have gotten a $100k agreement and charged $2 mill and gotten the government to pay for it.

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