Sunday, October 14, 2007

MaryT's Nightly Rant

Today has been interesting going thru the blogs and comments, especially for a Saturday.

Lots of pros and cons re algore's peace prize. Pros and cons re the Afghan panel.

On Monday, we Albertans will be electing mayors, aldermen/women/councillors, school boards etc. Will Bronco, in Calgary, run for the liberals in Art Hangers riding, if he loses his mayorship? I think if he runs for the liberals again, he will lose. I think he will wait to run for the leadership, someday, to outdo PMSH.

Dion is being panned again re doing nothing re Kyoto. Where are the billions he allotted to buy carbon credits. Is it possible, that JC signed Kyoto, with the intention of doing nothing, and letting GHG emissions increase, so he could reward his liberal friends in China by buying those credits from them. How much adscam money went to China to set up the plan, just wondering.

Did you hear Rae, on CBC blaming PMSH for denying him his seat by not calling a by-election.

Sure would laugh if he lost the election, along with Martha and Kennedy. Have any of those 3 paid back all debts re the leadership race.

Anyone willing to join a petition to have Susan Delacourt and MHF do something with their hair? What would you suggest?

Our yard was vandalized last night, so have just had the RCMP here. They can't do anything, but as they said, if this isn't reported, they can't catch anyone. In addition to other things destroyed, 10 large bags of leaves were dumped and spread all over. I am leaving the mess, in hopes the culprits come back Oct 31 and undo their damage and put all the huge flower pots back on their stands. (ha)

Tuesday evening should be fun tv, with the SFTT the main attraction.

Poor Dion has a huge decision to make, and will be panned regardless of what he does.

How many women have died from lead poisoning from using red lipstick, or even gotten sick.

I thought we had freedom of choice in Canada, but someone is always thinking of ways to take away those freedoms. Even our MPs no longer will have freedom to eat what and how much they want. Some chef has made that decision for them. Tofu, ugh.

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