Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lemon: Even Newman Thinks the Afstan Panel is Brilliant + Rae the Hypocrite

As the pale grey political Gandalf put it:
One that both bewildered Liberals and left them grudgingly admiring the political chess being played by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Like chess the object of the political game being played by Harper at the start of a new session of Parliament - a session that sooner or later will lead to the next general election - is checkmate.
And on Friday, it was Harper who at least into next year, has effectively called checkmate on potentially the most explosive of all political issues; Canada's military mission to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the 800 pound Gorilla in the Grit Parlour, Bob Rae (who really wants to knock Stephane Dion off), refers to the Afstan Panel headed by "Liberal Leader if he had wanted the job" John Manley comments that the panel is: "bypassing Parliament", "Has no one with experience in Foreign Affairs", is "little".
This from a NDPer who changed coats to be hired by Parliament to deal with the Tainted Blood Tragedy (as if he know anything about blood or the Red Cross ) and the Air India disaster (as if he knew anything about terrorism). In both cases in his recommendations he took the side of defending Liberals instead of protecting Canadians.

He's nothing but the worst Premier in Canadian history and the recipient of appointments to defend Liberal mismanaged mistakes because his brother is a big shot with Power Corporation.

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