Monday, October 01, 2007

Lemon: Ontario - Home of Hidden Bigotry

A caller on Bill Carroll's show on CFRB this morning nailed it on the head - "Ontario is filled with hidden bigotry".

Here in the capital city of the universe, with the world's biggest collection of liberal, tolerant and self-righteous do-gooders exists among the globe's worst racists, xenophobes and hypocrites.
No white hoods, no burning crosses, no lynchings but just as evil in many ways as was Mississippi in the 60's.

Ask people of colour who try to integrate if they believe they are treated differently because of their skin tone. Ask them if they think that by being identified as a member of their ethnic group in the interest of creating more equality if they feel more equal. (Whatever equal means.)

Ask white people if they treat people of other colours differently. And of course they will deny it.
Ask parents who send their kids to a Catholic school if they really do it for the religious education.
Some do. Others might prefer the much cleaner schools or smaller number of left-wing teachers.
But, I betcha, there are a whole lot of these parents who send their kids to the Catholic schools so that their kids don't have to mix with foreigners who might be different. I betcha.

McGuinty owns these votes.

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