Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lemon: We Won!!!

But the agency's effort to remain non-partisan resulted in a campaign that failed to capture the public's imagination, Arita Droog, a member of the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform, charged last week.
"It's so neutral, it's so unbiased, that it doesn't say anything . . . I understand their position (Elections Ontario) that they want to be neutral and unbiased, but in doing so, they went beyond (providing useful information)," Droog said.

Ah, Anita, there's this thing about democracy that requires non-biased elections. I understand you pissed away months of your life believing that you were doing something that would make the world a better place and your life worthwhile. Toooo bad it didn't work out.

Of course, if the electorate were really knowledgeable and EO were doing their job to your standards then Dalton McGuinty wouldn't have a job right now.

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