Thursday, October 11, 2007

MaryT's Nightly Rant

Julie V.D is reporting that there will be a shadow cabinet shuffle. Says Coderre will probably stay (maybe in Afstan). Gee JVD has spent some money on her hair style.

JVD also reported on election talk in the back rooms. Some say yes, many say no. Goldenberg says don't fall into PMSH's trap, pick your poison to defeat him on. Guess the throne speech will pass.

There is a blogger who shall be nameless who has attacked me, (viciously) over my comments in the past re media bias and misreporting. Perhaps he/she should visit Little Green Footballs, and read the list of 101 times the media and it's imps, have published and manipulated lies. Especially phony stories by phony soldiers.

Just read an article, in our local paper, (from Montreal) that a study has been done, and it says girls who have been verbally abused by their teachers are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse at an earlier age, beccome delinquent and drug addicts. Wonder what boys who are verbally abused by teachers become. Probably Liberal candidates.

Put on your thinking caps, who will Dion move and who will stay. Would he move Iggy, I doubt it. (Surprise, Surprise - Iggy got the can in favour of his lifelong friend who he no longer mentions). Maybe that is why Coderre went on his useless trip, he heard he might get sacked and needed to keep his name out there. Not too many cdn troops were anxious to talk to him.

Garth got promoted? Kiss of deader than death. Where are all the women? Why appoint candidate Bob Rae when there are lots of Female Grit candidates - a third for sure, right, Stephane.

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