Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nom de Blog: The Irresistable Force of Common Sense

Torontonians will soon be clamoring for a bridge to the Island Airport so that we can keep pace with Newark New Jersey.

Here we have an announcement from Porter Airlines:
“Porter Airlines announced yesterday it is launching a new service from Toronto's City Centre Airport to Mont Tremblant, North America's No. 1 ski resort on Dec. 22 - eight days after Continental Airlines initiates daily non-stop flights from its Newark hub in the New York area.”

Our Marxist Mayor Miller won an election against John Tory over the issue of a bridge to the airport. But now it seems we have one of those “build it and they will come” concepts at work here. I’m betting there will be a bridge within a year.

Ditto Faith Based Schools or alternative schools will become Ontario curriculum inclusive; it is only a matter of time. We will go to the next step which is school vouchers. As soon as more people know that vouchers work elsewhere in Canada, we’ll get them in Ontario. Ditto more Shouldice type clinics for private delivery of Health with a Public OHIP card. Ditto more clean nuclear energy instead of tilting at windmills.

Why is it that John Tory is right but too far ahead of the curve to get elected?
Back to the Bridge
Is he “a bridge over troubled waters” or “a bridge too far”? Maybe the bridge to victory is through another medium other than the snail’s pace of politics. Maybe Tory should be a broadcaster instead of a politician. Maybe he should have the Tory Show that augments the Michael Coren Show. That way Tory could sell his ideas the way Hugh Hewitt does in the USA, by repeating them over and over on a car radio. Eventually they will sink in with an overtaxed electorate who are extremely busy working or driving the kids to soccer or waiting for the ferry to take them to Porter Airlines.

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