Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MaryT: Pre Speech Mini-Rant

This morning all the blogs, comments, TV smiling heads and print media will be filled with reaction to the SFTT. Newman will have an extended program to explain it all to us, as I'm sure Duffy and others will. Garth has already been on TV to say NO.
So, to fill time till then I will change the subject, just because.

A few days ago a pipeline worker checked her 649 ticket, that she had been using as a book mark, and discovered she won 8 million plus dollars. Good for her and her family. She was on TV showing off all the bells and whistles in her new 133,000 dollar vehicle. Also shown were the cars/trucks she bought for her family. Good for them.
One minor problem, first she has to get a drivers license. In AB, first she must get a learners permit, after passing a test. This will allow her to drive, being accompanied by a licensed driver, for 2 years. Her hours of travel are limited, number of passengers are limited etc, until she gets that drivers license. By the time she is allowed to drive, by herself, where ever she wants to go, that vehicle will be over 2 yrs old. Wonder if she knew all that. Maybe she will hire a driver. It costs 40.00 to take the test for a learners permit, and many have to take it many times.
I should mention that this lady plans to set up trust funds to educate her 15 nieces and nephews. Wonder how many marriage proposals she has received in the past 2 weeks.
And, did you read that some Income Trusts have risen 17%.

Now you can go back to the big story of the day.

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