Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lemon: LCBO Ripping Off Customers

Previously posted but needs to be resaid.
Say you drink a bottle of Grey Goose a week at C$50/ea here and about US$35 in the US. That's $780 a year the LCBO is stealing from you. On that one product.
But look at their rationalization:

The Star advised tonight (in one of their few positives acts in history) that the LCBO is gouging Ontario wine-buyers:
Redelmeier said one reason why prices in Ontario haven’t really gone down is because the LCBO, which has a virtual monopoly on the purchase and sale of wine in Ontario has a floor price that it won’t sell below. A spokesperson for the LCBO said the floor price is based on legislation and the need for social responsibility.
Where does it say in the LCBO mission as a government department that they have to take advantage of lower costs of product and deem it in the interest of the public to keep us somehow from abusing the privilege. Are French and Italian wines really the preferred treat of drunks? Or is this a money grab.
Or is this a rhetorical question.
I would suggest that interested parties chat with the private vendors to see if THEY will pass on a saving that we should be entitled to as consumers.
Otherwise, us this as a reason to dump the LCBO completely and privatize.

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