Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lemon: Naive is as Naive Writes

I agree with a lot of what his interview subject says, but:
This can seem naive: After all, humans have a long history of ignoring problems until they reach a dire crisis: With climate change, that will be far too late. And even the charismatic King didn't lead the United States into the promised land of civil rights.
Is radical Islam and its pursuit of global domination a dire crisis? Are we ignoring it? Doesn't The Star wish that we ignored it more?
And as far as besmirching the accomplishments of Dr. King, was the writer, Peter Gorrie, around in the 60's. Does he think that King died for nothing? Does he somehow believe that the USA is behind any country in the world in Civil Rights? Ask a Tamil living in Saudi Arabia. Or an Aboriginal living in Canada, for that matter.
As far as climate change - I hope it's too late to change it - It was freezing this morning.

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