Monday, October 01, 2007

Lemon: Tainted Blood Murderers Found Innocent in Travesty Judgement


Just announced that the whole collection of murderers who killed thousands of Canadians (including my brother) and poisoned tens of thousands of others with tainted blood have been acquitted.

Perhaps the biggest effect, other than monsters getting away with murder, is that it creates the lowest possible standard of acceptable conduct for drug regulators. Those responsible can turn a blind eye, destroy minutes of meetings, have secret conversations and be called 'very professional".

This is not surprising - Politicians were in their pocket and the bureaucrats were in the pockets of politicians.
Deny, Deny, Deny.
So it was all a big accident that all this human tragedy happened - no one made decisions to not test or treat blood (although they did and it was not to because it cost too much), no one destroyed minutes of meetings that could have revealed the conspiracy (but someone did), no one decided that they shouldn't tell the public about the risk of the blood system (except the people who were charged), no one decided that people shouldn't be allowed to make self-donations (except these guys).
I predicted 10 years ago that no one would ever go to jail over the tainted blood disaster. I was right.
The released murderers are free now and old men. May they die soon and rot in hell

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