Monday, October 15, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duffy Oct 15

Duff - Chretien hates Dithers. News? Not.
Ray Heard - old Turner dude. Really old Turner dude. (now Turner and le 'tit Gar were hardly buddies)
Says JC's book mention of Killing Fields is outrageous. Rhetoric of the gutter. Chretien should know goons, he was one, says Ray. Thinks party can't put this behind him. JC claims to be Godfather of Dion. Will just increase the bloodletting and says Liberals committing Hari Kiri.
This from a Grit who has been trying to sewer Grit election hopes for almost a year.
Says we need new generation of Liberal leaders. Ruby and Dom Leblanc?? That's the best they can do?
Donolo on Duff - Personal enmity goes waaayy back. Don't like Peter. Click.
Many former JC admirers are upset with Da Boss says Eyebrows LeDrew. That Chretien has lost some stature. That JC now has to reach up to tie his shoelaces and that Dion was elected to be a peacemaker for the party. An outsider to eliminate the internal wars. Pugnacious was Chretien says LeDrew. Party was diminished during Turner/Chretien wars.
We reported on this first!!! The Forty Year War.
LeDrew says internal battlers are gone, no challenge to leader, need to renew from policy perspective (forgot to mention financial, organizational and spiritual - in other words toe to la tete).
Party Whips - no point paying attention to these guys (Jay DOES have a nice blazer on, though). Okay for a few minutes. Joe Cromartin says that Grits are going to WIMP out. Redman says 'we' are a principaled opposition as opposed to NDP. Jay loves it - just watches - He's the only person I've ever seen who looks thinner on TV than in person. Throne Speech: $33 Billion in infrastructure funding, Tax Cuts. Poison Pill on Clean Air Act? (Count on it.)
The most powerful political party in the democratic world are now a stump of a rump. And everyone knows it.
Of course the smallest party in the House says that "Canadian People Don't Want . . .". What the 'people' don't want is the NDP. MAGNA TO GET UNIONIZED??? Is Frank listening to his little girl all of a sudden? Do Buzz and Stronach have a thing goin on? What's this about? Frank has spent his entire career and millions in legal fees to avoid unions.
New Poll - personalities an asset or weakness? Harper thumps Dion.
Press Gallery debate - Pat Gossage. Feud between PMO and PPG. But Newman says always this tension. Press Secretaries dream to control the message and allow PM to be unfiltered. When PM travelling Press Secretary always controls agenda. Only place that PPG has any rights is in their own place. Trudeau wanted to ignore Press Gallery. Every PM wants to. Trudeau tried to.
Gossage Whips The Star on leading with a story about a (wrong) statement that PM opening a new Press Gallery. This has been proven to be bullshit - and it got 70 pt headline above the fold in the Star. Gossage thinks PMSH was great in his Press Conference. Thinks he should do more of them. This lemon agrees - PMSH is the best I've ever seen in a free flow PC - stays on message, is great with a nod and a wink.
Marilyn Churley is on Duffy. Will someone rid us of this pestilent progressive? Failed politician. Terrible City Councillor. Mari - go back to working on getting 12 women on the Blue Jays like you said you would back in the early 90's (of course they couldn't have done much worse with same).
Prediction of SFTT from Flaherty - sound eco manage, continued support for manufacturing and reduce taxes. Bet on this and more.
Duceppe says PMSH is forcing election. Wow. is HairNet Duceppe's English improved - he should run for head of Grits. Garth is trusted with television? Dion has totally lost all control if he trusts Garth to represent him. Garth is for Garth.
As an aside, is it slander to call a politician a transvestite? Because of course if a politician were to charge defamation for being called a transvestite he would lose all those key cross-dressing votes. But I digress.
Garth will do anything to avoid an election - he's a dead poli walking. He admits that the Grits are incompetent because they haven't been preparing for an election in a minority scenario for the last 20 months.
Joel Denis and Tondra MacCharles on a new press centre - since denied - ain't happenin', Tondra. Press Gallery Prez & Dosanjh says a desecration of democracy. THE PARLIAMENTARY PRESS GALLERY DEMANDS THAT THE PRIME MISTER OF THIS COUNTRY COMES TO THEIR ARENA, HAT IN HAND, BEGGING TO BE WHIPPED BY A BIRCH BRANCH.
She thinks she killed it. She thinks she has some value in improving our knowledge. She's values her importance way too much.
The PPG are obsolete. They have no value, have no special knowledge, do not represent the public, are hated by all for their inaccuracies.
Darcey of our favorite blog gets a plug from Kady
(still looks like Peter Pan) on Newman.
A fair show at best - Jay Hill looked good in his blazer, but other than that the only highlight was MacCharles trying to take credit for the PM cancelling the new Press theatre. 4/10

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