Sunday, October 14, 2007

MaryT - Dalton breaks a promise

The msm from the east is full of stories about how our dollar being at par with the US is hurting tourism and business in general in Ont.
Hundreds of cdns are heading to the US for shopping trips, to buy cars, and probably to Christmas shop. Parking lots at US malls, close to the border, are full of cdn license plates.
So, what does McGuinty plan to do to stop this loss of business, raise the PST by 2%.
Those who voted liberal last week should be banned from shopping in the US, stay home and pay for your blind faith that he wouldn't raise taxes.
In addition there are stories out today that property taxes in TO could double in a year or so. Your mayor said by voting liberal you agreed to tax increases.
What is the record time for a govt to break a promise.
Think about this if we go into an election within a few weeks, liberals can't be trusted.
For those thinking of moving west, remember AB has no sales tax.

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