Monday, October 01, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report - Newman Duff Oct 1

Does The Ceeb have any viewers under 60 - all their ads are for Grey Power Insurance, how to save your money, Magic beds, reverse mortgages and sit-down bathtubs...

Duffy on Tainted Blood - Krever Findings
Murderers had both Greenspans on defense team. Best defense that money can buy.
Judge praised doctors - said were cautious and careful, unbelievably said that would be worse to blame doctors than the poisoning of thousands of people.
Duff is totally confused and flabbergasted - everywhere but in Canada people went to jail!!!
Courts protected the system.
Mike McCarthy of Hemophilia Assoc - they in shock - facts were indisputable.
Mike says the judge got sucked in by legal eagles. Unusual innocent verdict - almost never happened before - always acquittal or not guilty.
Judge says victims suffered because of "a confluence of events". as if the muderers deciding to "use up" blood they knew was infected with HIV and HepC was just bad luck.
Now the victims are suffering because of a judge's rotten to the core decision. WOnder what the benefit is for her?
How will McGuinty and Spanky deal with this just prior to Election Day - I'd be all over it if I were on Tory's team. Weak on crime - weak on criminals - if you can afford the best lawyers you get away with murder.
Duffy describes it as an "Horrific Day". An "Incredulous Day". Recalls how Chretien and Allan Rock passed an order in council prohibiting any politician from being held responsible for any angle of the bad blood crimes.

Hezi Coderre - begging to go to Afstan. Whey doesn't he offer to carry Stephane Dion's bags? Says he wants to represent different angle. What angle does he want to represent? Hezbollah - or does he only support them in Canada? The leadership opponents of Steffi Dion? The Rotary Club?

Peter Harder and Jim Travers on how best to surrender in Afstan. Thinks Karsai saying he'll negotiate is good politics but not real - is encouraging dissent in Taliban and good message to public. JimTravers - military expert - not. He barely gets Canadian politics - what would be know about Afstan politics or the Taliban.

Peter Shurman smacks down Kathleen Wynn. She thinks it's laughable... But she's really funny-lookin. Looks like a young Granny Clampett but not as warm and cuddly. Click - can't stand to watch her. He's not any better - a face made for radio.

Seance with Party Whips - Redman and Nathan Bobblehead Cullen. No Jay Hill - expect them to get along great - feel the love. Cullen does a great job on the Blood Disaster - Redman takes credit for the great and compassionate job the Grits did. Duffy on destroyed minutes of meetings where decisions to poison thousands were made. No response.

Newman on NWT Election - a hot day in Yellowknife - 19 members for what - 30,000 people?

Akin, Joel-Denis and Duffy - expecting a lot of shucking and jiving - only front bench will vote and then against Throne Speech. Lot of thought among the Grits that they might get slaughtered - Quebecers not sure whether to wait or go - go now and lose Dion (yippee), go later and maybe Dion won't go at all.

Newman reports on Joan Tintor - no mention of Kinsella, no mention of Cherniak (although she showcased HIS blog). She tries to go with the argument that journalists can't do this. Blah blah Flannigan. KINSELLA IS A BLOGGER KINSELLA IS A WRITER IN THE POST KINSELLA IS PAID TO CONSULT TO GOVERNMENTS AND PARTIES. No double standards at the Ceeb.

Ellie May had hip surgery - wondered where she went to. Probably takes a long time to walk from New Glasgow to Toronto on a bad hip to avoid burning carbon.

Duffy and I were both distracted by the Bad Blood findings.
I'm way past tears, gives be a good reason to keep being cynical.
No rating for this program.

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