Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lemon: The Non-Confidence Vote Flu

Let's look at how severe the Flu will need to be to avoid an election call.
CPC 126 LPC 96 Bloc 49 NDP 30 Indy 3 Total 304
If the BQ and ND and 2 Indys vote against SFTT, then the Grits can have a maximum of 44 people in the house vote against to guarantee passage. This means 52 cases of the flu (not counting Martin, Belinda and the other place holders who won't show up)
What if 10 Tories have a cough and cold - then 62 flu cases are needed.
What if an extra 50 Tories get food poisoning (what with the new menu in the Parliamentary cafe and all)? Then only a dozen Grits can vote against.
But then, what if there's no place to park and traffic around the Hill is bad and another 20 Tories are no shows...
We go to the polls.
And who will be to blame - the Parliamentary Restaurant, lack of Cold FX and Traffic.

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