Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lemon: Greenspan a "Special Person"

Just arrived at my gate at Pearson.
Was in line at security and who should move to the front of the line?
Eddie Greenspan - who just Monday got the Tainted Blood criminals off the hook.
He makes a living getting the most disgusting human beings in Canada free from justice.
In the name of protecting all citizens through the application of our legal system.
But he doesn't do it to protect society - he does it to make money.
Lots and lots of money.

He's a disgusting human being in a profession that he and his ilk make reak like sewer water.

Before he cleared security I asked the guard why he was getting special service. She said he has a "special pass".
Likely from someone who he got off for something or other, as a special person.

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