Thursday, February 01, 2007

Suzuki on our Prime Minister

Thanks to George Strombo, the CBC, and the "Hour"
"He is so far up Mr. Bush's Backside."
What next? Accuse our Elected Prime Minister of receiving a golden shower from GWB or frolicking in a hot tub with him?
Suzuki lacks credibility by such comments. He should be appreciated as irrational and irrelevant; as fanatical and Quixotic as Bin Laden or Chavez.

Meanwhile, Stephane calls Stephen "Fat", with no editorial comment by any MSM.
Imagine, for a moment, Harper referring to Dion as ugly...
Would the silence from the media be as deafening?

Then again, it is traditional political messaging strategy as taught to me by a Liberal spin maestro: "He says you're fat, you say he's bald."

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