Friday, February 16, 2007

Comment Moderation Enabled Due to AGW Response

I've been assailed today with comments from anthropogenic global warming activists and have turned on comment moderation to limit the amount of grief I have to deal with and limit the use of my blog for others' PR purposes.
I will approve any reasonable posts.
I'm waiting for a camo-clad Greenpeace SWAT team to zip down from a silent green chopper to shut me up.
Maybe twelve year old Greenpeace boys who are going to kill some, but not all adults, for destroying the planet. (Although surely even Al Gore has at some time released some noxious emissions.)
As contained in some other posts, the greens are pros at PR and manipulating public opinion. They are aggressively and abusively discrediting anyone who publicizes ideas or observations that disagree with theirs.
One approach being used is for them to speciously discredit opponents, and then refer to these specious discreditations at a later point to evidence the lack of credibility of the opponent.
The amount of energy that they are putting into closing down debate is likely evidence enough of the weakness of their own position.

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