Saturday, February 03, 2007

Climate Geeks Jump The Shark

What next? Add Chachi and Susie Quattro to the cast?
The IPCC's latest conclusion is that global warming is "very likely" to be anthropogenic, based upon the exact data they had in 2001 when they declared that global warming was "likely" caused by mankind.
Have somehow the temperature data over the last million years changed?
And despite the fact that they have declared that this climate change is irreversible they still want humans to revert to lifestyles akin to the Amish.
I sense fear (that they have realized that no more can be said and no more climate conferences need be held and no more media attention received) and I think the media sense blood.
This story is over - now that the world is definitely dying, and now that it's sure that we killed it, and now that there's nothing that can be done, this dog don't hunt no more.
The media will need to move on to other baubles and trinkets to fascinate the herd of cats that is western humanity. And as likely or not, they'll point their pens at these scientists and start looking at reporting the other side of the story.
There's already signs with the recent stories at the National Post and I've heard and read some other similar chatter in the last few days from the MSM.
I think that the IPCC sowed wind and will be reaping whirlwind before they know it.

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