Thursday, February 15, 2007

Golden Lemon Award - February 2007

Ranting Stan from Slough, UK has a great perspective on all things stupid and sycophantic from the left. And ya gotta love his review of Climate Change Attack Dogs
In particular he identifies one "Angela, from desmogblog" and goes on to reveal this particular troll as being associated with James Hoggan & Associates Inc.
What he fails to notice is that James Hoggan et al is DAVID SUZUKI's PR firm, who Dr. Dave identified as one of Western Canada's leading such outfits (click here). Good to see that Davie is resorting to having his minions troll websites that point out flaws in his theory.
February's covetted Golden Lemon to Ranting Stan for doing an outstanding job of revealing leftist audaciousness as it relates to Climate Change theories.

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