Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Horror! The Hypocrisy! The Stupidity!

Little Stevie (Petit Etienne) announced today that he would mandate that 1/3 of his candidates are women.
He is supported in this initiative by his special advisor of Election Readiness (who has never run or worked on a Federal Campaign), Gerard Kennedy who reported to the Star:
"We're trying to find the techniques that are consistent with our democratic processes to the greatest extent possible."
Now. Deep Breath.
Gerard Kennedy is running in Parkdale High Park (I get to vote against him); the seat that prior to his announcement esteemed former Cabinet Minister and thirteen year MP, Sam Bulte was gonna run in.
But she dropped out when the handsome, smart, western, bilingual, hockey whiz, heir apparent little Gerry decided he wanted it.
Tell me People. Tell Me. Do you honestly believe, even the Cerniaks among you (fyi Cherniak: (n) a stupified self important partisan Liberal who got the boot from the law firm he was articling for) that Stephane will guarantee these women nominations in ridings they have a hooters chance of winning? (assuming they have good hooters).
It is hard to write when you're laughing as hard as I am.

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