Friday, February 16, 2007

Who Finances David Suzuki?

The Suzuki Foundation's PR Firm runs a blog
The blog's latest mission is to discredit Canadian scientists who oppose the drastic measures demanded by Suzuki, Gore and the rest of the wild-eyed Gaia preferrers and reality-deniers.
Here's a link to their strategy
This is left wing McCarthyism at best and Salem Witch Trials at worst.
These Enviro-terrorists have set out to destroy careers of high calibre professionals for no more reason than that these scientists don't agree with the Suzuki cult's eco-catechism.
One area they are researching is to try and determine conflicts of interests that might be held by these scientists by way of sources of income.
Seems to me that if Suzuki and his eco-minions are so holy, that they might reveal publicly their sources of financial support. Are there marxist organizations or even marxist governments financing their activities? (I wouldn't be surprised because these commies fund the G8 and WTO protests.) Are they in reality an arm of Greenpeace?
Come on,
Desmog and David - tell us. Who pays for YOUR communications activities and travel?
You are a powerful lobby group - who do YOU work for?

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