Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eco Movement Needs a Reformation

I really wish I had thought of this first.
I mean, I consider myself a bit of a religious scholar (if amateur and only focussed on Christianity).
And I have spent many hours with people (especially Roman Cathlolics in Quebec) discussing the Reformation and the protestant movement; the split and its reasons. And God knows how suspicious I am of the Green movement.
One of the most significant reasons for the Reformation by those such as Knox, Wycliff, Luther and Calvin was the selling of indulgences.
Sinners were allowed to pay cash (or precious jewels or land) to priests for sins; as slight as taking the Lord's name in vain to as serious as murder.
It got really bad about 450 years ago when nobles would actually pay for indulgences in advance. They would ask a priest, for example, "What would it cost, Father, for me to be absolved of my sins if I were to kill Lord Greystroke?"
The deal would be struck with the murderer knowing in advance of his sin what it would cost and that he would not be condemned to eternal damnation for his act.
Many commentators have drawn a comparison between Ecology Protection and a religion or a cult.
And this is an easy comparison to make: ecology types have their doctrines, their catechisms, their inquisitions.
Their high priests also sell indulgences.
Both Al Gore and Dave Suzuki make a point of explaining how they are contributing literally hundreds of dollars to get off the hook for the harm that their private jets and buses are doing to the environment.
Back then, a movement led to hundreds of millions of believers abandoning their fielty to the Roman Catholic Church. Will we see that happen now with the greeniacs?
I doubt it. They are too afraid of excommunication, which now translates into being banned from Hollywood A List parties.

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