Sunday, February 25, 2007

How Credible is Al Gore?

Open Thread - More Examples Encouraged...

Albert Gore is about to win an Academy Award for a film that might best qualify for Best Fictionalized Version of a Series of Unsubstantiated Events.
And with his ego, I suspect he will love his little statuette much more that he does his children or wife. It will surely be in a place of honour at his home, be in the background of every picture taken of him, and replace "used to be the next President of the United States" in his introductions. Okay, nor replace, but precede.

I remember a biography of Gore on PBS back when he was running for POTUS, and the story of him un-inviting his father from participating in his Senate campaign (because his Dad had lost the Senate seat in the previous election) and his ratting out football teammates at Yale for breaking curfew. So from that point on, although I had liked Bill Clinton, I could never support his backstabbing Veep.

Gore's film has been subjected to considerable professional criticism for its lack of accuracy. Most recently here (ht to Celestial Junk).

Given the fact that Al, may be slightly stretching the truth on Anthropogenic Global Warming, and taking into account his disputed claim to invention of the internet and his significant role in the Campaign Financing Scandal, ("I didn't do it and I promise never to do it again"), I wonder what else is out there about he who is determined to safe us from ourselves, whether we want him to or not?

Any more stuff we should know?

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