Monday, February 19, 2007

Suzuki & AGW Lapdog Economist in Toronto - Update

No doubt warming up a frigid Toronto for Al Gore's visit in a couple of days (assuming an ice storm doesn't cause another cancelation), Kooky Suzuki and his high priest of global warming economics, Nicholas Stern, today honoured his supplicants with a visit to the cathedral of Canadian Capitalism, the Toronto Stock Exchange.
I caught a few moments of their media conference on CP24; Dr. Stern was introduced as former Chief Economist of the World Bank and "recognized by some as the leading expert on the economic effects of global warming".
Who are these some that recognize Stern as such? I cynically wonder.
I suppose Suzuki is in this group of some and Mo Strong, given Stern's leadership of a corrupt twin of the United Nations.
A strong criticism of Stern's, well, stern and pessimistic forecasts is here.
Update Note on Mo Strong (from link at sda) Not surprisingly Chairman Mo was also a special advisor to THE WORLD BANK. The circle is further squared. And to add an angle, the link is to a list of Board Members for a Uranium exploration company. So not only is Big Mo tring to destroy western economies with wealth transfer schemes, he's a key man with Total Petroleum, the nuke biz and Chinese automaking. Talk about vertical integration.

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