Sunday, February 18, 2007

Personality Disorder Resulting in Policy on the Fly?

I got a suspicion that what is seen of Stephane Dion on TV reveals what could be seen if there was a way of looking inside his head.
I think he's enormously insecure and suspicious of others if not a little paranoid. This is reflected in his tendency to fly off the handle when he's challenged.
His imaginery environmental mentorship with a neighbour who supposedly invited young Stef to accompany him on his walks in the woods (the guy denies this ever happened) is a sign of delusionalism.
His early affection for separatism followed by the acquisition of a French citizenship suggests that he's always been in search of an identity.
The end result is the complete and utter chaos that is the Liberal caucus and the complete disarray in their policy statements. It looks to me like he is desperately trying to always prove himself right, and everyone else always wrong.

He may think that he's wedging himself against his adversary, but by always arguing against everything that the PM does he's just cornering himself into unsupportable positions.

I think he's running his own strategy and policy activities and ignoring any input from anyone else.
This would be consistent with the personality deficiencies noted above.
There is not an experienced advisor out there that would give Dion advice that would result in his doing the things he is doing. And the Libs have a whole army of really experienced and clever people.

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