Thursday, February 22, 2007

CBC Bias Always Reflected in Their Choice of "Experts"

Tuesday we commented on the CBC's use of a spokesperson from the eco-lobbyist to speak on climate change (with a footnote on their use of the Polaris Institute to comment on military issues).
Today their report on the use of animals for training of military medics was reviewed. Of course there was a huge hew and cry about this from the chatterers - they were apoplectic that pigs were shot and medics then practiced by repairing the wounds. Can you imagine! Canadian animals are being used to save the lives of soldiers fighting an immoral war!
Notwithstanding the fact that we on a daily basis kill millions of animals and eat them.
Back to my point.
This morning the "expert" du jour was Dr. Kerry Bowman, who was introduced as a "Medical Ethicist".
Indeed he claims himself to be such. But, on the other side of the equation he is an animal rights activist and was a speaker at this conference of the University Coalition of Animal Rights and the Environment.
I will not lay blame on Dr. Bowman for appearing on the program, I will blame the CBC for continuing to use conflicted "experts" without either identifying possible conflicts of interest or inviting a counterpoint speaker.