Friday, February 02, 2007

Global Warming - Revenge of the Nerds

The latest word from "experts" provided their credibility by the most incompetent, most corrupt and most discredited organization in the world (the United Nations) is:
no matter how much civilization slows or reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and sea level rise will continue on for centuries
This conclusion after noodling for hours over whether to tell the world that this was a 90% or 97% certainty.
This from introverted, overeducated little pissants whom, if you invited to a BBQ, would stand in the corner feeding squirrels or staring at their shoes. The global warming theory gives them (a) a feeling of power, (b) chances to attend conferences, (c) chances to get honoraria and publish articles and (d) make whoopy with hippy chicks.
I, for one would LOVE to fry under the sun. And so would millions of other Canadians who prove this by travelling close to the equator every chance they get.
I won't go into the argument that no one on the "the end is near" side of the theory offers any data on the possible positive prospects of global warming (increased food production and alleviation of world hunger).
But I will postulate something else.
If we and our "planet" are doomed, if the end is truly near, than let's live it up.
When the Roman Empire was about to fall, did Caligula start obsessing with cleaning up his act, refusing to indulge in bacchinalia or the pursuit of young flesh? Hell no! He went out with a bang (so to speak).
So should we.
Fellow Humans...
Given our unhappy future, I call for all of us is to pursue with all the passion and with all the energy we can muster (and with steadily improving tans) a massive and long term commitment to absolute debauchery.

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