Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Frightening Than Snakes on a Plane . . .


Imagine you're returning home from Hawaii, hung over, sun burnt and burned out.
And every second seat is occupied by BABIES!!
Squealing, muling, burping, puking, laughing, whining, dirty-diapered BABIES.
Creaping and crawling up and down the aisles, under chairs and hiding in the overhead bins. Relieving their painful teething gums on your loafers!
Each accompanied by their loving and totally unapologetic mothers and grannies, each child adored as being the greatest achievement in human procreative activity in history.
The bells, the bells... as these devoted guardians request special attention for their special little one, more juice, more wetnaps, more crackers. Line ups from the lavatory to the bulkhead of moms and grandmas waiting for their chance to change a diaper.

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