Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chairman Mo Strong on Suzuki Board

Geneticist Kooky Suzuki makes a point of trying to suggest that his Foundation is a servant of the people.
But even a cursory glance at his Board reveals the leadership of most conflicted "peep" possible relative to the entire, stinky anthropogenic global warming mosh pit, Maurice Strong. (Note - Updated Link from CFP)
CBL has been a frequent observer of the questionable connections of Mr. Strong. How he has close ties to businesses with major interests in France that are reliant on Irani oil interests, how he is closely aligned with these same interests in China, how he was influential as a leader within the United Nations that resulted in corrupt programs such as Oil for Food in Iraq and Food Money for Nukes in North Korea. How he organized for Paul Martin to take over Canada Steamship Lines for a pitance, and then to become PM. How he was Godfather for almost forty years of Prime Ministers (prior to PMSH). And how he is the Father of Kyoto.
People are known by the company they keep. And if Kooky-man is in bed with Mo, than we can be assured that every single act of Suzuki and his Foundation should be given very in-depth scrutiny.

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