Wednesday, January 02, 2008

US Prez Race - It's Gonna Be the Urban Thang

We've posted before on the unlikely event that Americans will, at this point in history, elect either a black man or a woman of any race to the top political job in the nation.
Before I get accused of labelling all Americans as xenophobic racists, appreciate that they are far closer to accomplishing this symbolic act of equality than are Canadians.
That being said, a cursory review of who Americans have elected can, I think, lead certain conclusions about what will happen this November.
Americans hate city slickers.
Haven't elected one since 1960. And I think are unlikely to elect one now.
Here's a list of recent US Presidents, their birthplaces and their associated political geography:

GW Bush - New Haven, CT / Texas
Clinton - Hope, AK / Arkansas
GHW Bush - Milton, MA / Texas
Reagan - Tampico, IL / California
Carter - Plains, GA / Georgia
Ford - Omaha, NE / Minnesota
Nixon - Yorba Linda, CA / California
Johnson - Stonewall, TX / Texas
Kennedy - Boston, MA / Boston

Taking this observation into account how would the front-runners in the current races match up?

Obama - Hawaii / Chicago
Clinton - Chicago, IL / New York
Edwards - Seneca, SC / North Carolina

McCain - Coco Solo, Panama / Arizona
Giuliani - New York City, NY / New York City
Romney - Detroit, MI / Massachusetts
Huckabee - Hope, AK / Arkansas

Who are the most aw-shucks candidates of the two bunches above?
Huckabee against Edwards...

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