Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Another Dead Gangsta Two

When 14 year old Jordan Manners was killed in his school hall last May we were tough on the authorities and tough on a media which first portrayed Jordan as a Shining Star, then once he was interred revealed that his nickname was Stackz. His sobriquet earned because he always had stacks of cash, presumably either his allowance from his Mom or as remuneration for delivering drugs, acting as a lookout, or somehow helping out others who had even bigger stackz of cash.

As a reaction to Julian Falconer's wrongly portrayed report (its ignoring of the recommendations by teachers to be tougher on teen criminals in favour of hugging them and its failure to attempt to interview all TDSB superintendents) Jordan's Mom pleaded that there be an "end to the silence".

Now, what exactly would an end of the silence accomplished? For one, Jordan would have likely been identified as a juvenile criminal and been directly involved with the criminal justice system. Secondly, hordes of students (synthesizing the report: 30% - or likely 50% of all males in the school) would have been rounded up, arrested and at least suspended. A good share of the faculty would likely also have been suspended as would all the principals and vice-principals.

Is that what she means?

It wasn't Mike Harris who forced teachers and their superiors to hide crimes taking place before their eyes so that their schools wouldn't look bad.

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