Friday, January 18, 2008

Updated - Should We Just Shoot Them? - New Car Cognitive Syndrome

Interesting that the day after I wrote the piece below, that THIS PIECE appeared in The Star. The facts as presented by proponents agree with me, while the opinions expressed by do-gooders agree with Charlie from Kingston (see comments).

One thing to make note: "The force's own studies show that people with mental health issues were the target in 30 per cent of Taser deployment incidents", he (the Toronto Police Chief) said. An example was the shooting of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver airport last October, who has almost always been described as "confused and agitated", followed by his being a "nice boy"... Nowhere do I recall him being referred to as mentally ill. I guess that would be insulting, or rights depriving or something else that's bad.

Would the do-gooders prefer coppers just shoot the crazies when they get "confused and agitated?

From Yesterday
Ever got a new car that was different? A Red Chevy or a Black Bimmer? Bought it cause it was different and made you stand out from the crowd?
Then you get it home, roll down the windows or ragtop and cruise around the hood looking too cool only to discover that every second damm car is exactly the same?

Yogi said that "you can observe a lot just by lookin'". And how true that is - as humans, we generally only ever notice anything after for some reason it's brought to our attention.

Like Tasers...
Tens of thousands of police officers in North America have them and hundreds use them every day.
Yet, because of a few isolated incidents, (here's a link to the latest) we (collectively - certainly me is not included in that we) assume that people are getting fried everywhere, all the time.

And of course they're not. And in none of the media coverage is there any discussion of how dead would be those tasered souls if sidearms where used instead.

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