Friday, January 25, 2008

Amnesty International Should Push Boycott UK - Maybe living in squalor and being subjugated and terrorized by Israel is a great thing . . .

From the usual anti-Israel suspect:
The next question that arises is that if 40 seriously ill people did die as a result of the Israeli government closing the borders to fuel shipments and humanitarian aid how will they be counted in the ever growing conflict body count? Will they be listed as casualties? Or will they not even count as collateral damage in the record books of history?

From Shlemazl
Let us check this out. Gaza has a death rate of 3.74 deaths per 1000 population (2007 est). That includes 0.24 death per 1000 population due to Israeli strikes, of whom 15% were unarmed civilians or unidentified people [based on source]. Not directly relevant, but for general knowledge Syria has 4.74 deaths per 1000 population per year (2007 est). So the rate of Syrian Holocaust is 27% higher. As a side note the reference to "Gaza Holocaust" comes from the Popular Committee Against Siege, which is lead by a Gaza MP. This site also serves as a useful Hamas-inspired reference for some Canadian left-wingers when they feel like publishing an anti-Israeli propaganda piece, which is often.

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