Tuesday, January 22, 2008

They Strike Back and The Globe Lets Them

The Globe gave equal time this morning to the poorly treated Islamic law students (one of whom works for the Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court, doesn't sound so down-trodden to me).
the provincial and federal Commissions to whom we submitted our case threatens the interests of us all. Canadians in all walks of life have come to rely on them to assert their basic human rights as employees, as persons living with disabilities, as women, as ethnic and cultural minorities, as gender-orientation minorities, and as visible religious minorities, to name only a few.
But of course we know that, in fact, Canadians in all walks of life have most definitely NOT come to rely on them. Most recently it's been two groups of highly educated and influential Muslims.

But most often it's Richard Warman, who's submitted more than half the claims.

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