Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lemon: Of Obama and Hilary

Lots of folks have asked for my opinion on who the next POTUS will be, and as all know, everyone is entitled to my opinion.
First off, I don't think that the Democrats have it locked up at all. It's a long time til E-Day down south, the GOP are fierce and successful campaigners, the economy is in great shape and the situation in Iraq is improving.
And they have some pretty good candidates - notably Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, both of whom might not be much on content, but are great on TV.
Meanwhile, the best that the Democratic Party can up up with are Hilary and Obama.
Obama is too slick by half and lets his mouth work faster than his mind ("invade Pakistan", "President of Canada").
Hilary is an icicle with a complete inability to connect individually or to mass audiences.
Also, I know the US pretty well, and I recall a story told by Richard Pryor a generation ago, that is the elephant in the parlor:
"I asked God, 'Lord, will there ever be a female President?"
"God said, 'Not in your lifetime, Richard.'"
"Well, then, Lord, will there ever be a black President?"
"God said, 'Not in my lifetime, Richard.'"

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