Saturday, January 19, 2008

What the Heck Does THIS Have to do with the Economy?

Yesterday I was attacked by the usual suspects for criticizing CNN for promoting the general population's 'opinion' that the US was in a recession. You can read about it here.

Today The Star confirms it's equivalent level of stupidity:
While Clinton was speaking, a few blocks away, 71-year-old Betty Turner was quietly listening to a credit counsellor, a sheaf of printouts spread across her lap. She knows the economy is in a rough patch when she looks in the mirror every day.
"My credit cards have gotten away from me, which is why I came here," she said inside the counselling service's office. She adds, however, that at least her house isn't being foreclosed on, like some of her neighbours in the state that leads the nation in home foreclosures.
Kindly inform me, gentle leftoid readers, what a kindly 71 year old lady being unable to pay her credit cars has to do with the economy? Did she lose her job at the plant? Does she travel, oh, say 2,000 miles a week to bingo so that gas prices are putting a dent in her pension?

Again - left-handed Media Morons are looking for evidence of a recession in places where they don't exist. Sheer and utter incompetent commentary. The Star should stick to wringing its hands over wars rather than delve into areas where they have no knowledge.

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