Friday, January 18, 2008

Step in the RIght Direction Reveals Death of Discourse in University

Step in the Right Direction is a remarkable blog - clear, topical and well written.
Today she describes how she fears being shunned and discredited - perhaps given the academic boot - by having beliefs that vary from those of her colleagues and faculty members
I do feel alone. I cringe in a classroom when we talk about "global warming"/"climate change" and how profs and colleagues refer to the opposite side as "climate change deniers." I finally spoke up this week in class (but was cautious not to make myself the guilty party) and said "climate change deniers" is inaccurate as many of them acknowledge that climate changes, which is their very point.

I wish I had had the courage to add, "if you would actually being a little open-minded and actually read/listened to the other side, instead of belittling it, you would know it." How ignorant of my prof (and most of Canadian/MSM) to call them "climate change deniers" (only because they language change from 'global warming' to 'climate change') when they are even denying that climate changes! It is precisely their point that it does change!
Brilliant. Visit often.
What has this country become?
Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn are brought before commissions with dubious absolutely no
integrity and charged for writing their mind because people from another culture - where the constitution is a religious book - don't like it.

Professors believe that it is necessary to dictate their political beliefs to those they are supposed to guide with a mutual understanding that to disagree is to be dismissed. To have one's life ruined, perhaps.

Today, a bureaucrat who decided that it would be cheaper to pay off victims of tainted blood than to actually test it or let people know it was tainted got off stock free. And his lawyer's fees, likely in the millions of dollars, will be paid by, yes, the taxpayers.

What has Canada become? Canada, as a frigid country, was bearable because we were so damn decent and honest. Now almost anyplace looks warmer. Even Saudi Arabia - at least there you know where you stand.

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