Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hockey is Not a Sport

Was driving to a work out this aft and listening to the Fan 590.
Show is called "Live from Gretzky's" I think, and the topic was Hockey and TV deals.
I've written before about how tired I am of being bombarded with Leaf propaganda.
I was gonna post this week on how within five days, a Star reporter had gone from stating that everyone knows the Leafs are eliminated from the play offs, to their winning a game and there being a "glimmer" of hope, and then their winning three in a row and starting a new play off run.
So many Torontonians are lost in Leafland, which is a delusional state in which nirvana is achieved with only a minimal amount, if any, of contemplation.
Hockey, in the scheme of things, is not much of our culture, nor symbolic of who we are,nor does it capture national imagination as it did at one time.
And, as pointed out on the radio program, in the US is isn't even judged to be a sport, because ESPN doesn't carry it and is unwilling to pay to air it.
They have Rodeo. They have the Winchester Dog Show. But no hockey.
I just wish I could turn on a radio station and not hear about the Leafs.

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