Friday, January 18, 2008

CBL Presidential Likeability Poll Results In

We asked the question, "Who among the current Presidential Candidates in the USA election, would you be most interested in having dinner with?"

The objective of the survey was to determine which candidate was most likable, as this tends to be a significant factor in who people vote for.

Not much surprising...
The audience for the poll is largely Canadian Conservative, so naturally results were heavily skewed to GOP candidates.

And not surprising that Fred Thompson came out on top. He's got big face recognition from his acting (I believe he actually played the President once). He's a truck driving, down home, straight speaker that we Conservatives tend to like.

We'll see if this appeal carries over into votes in this week's Primaries in South Carolina - the first truck-drivin' , down home state.

Not surprised to see that Monica Lewinsky's Boyfriend's Wife barely passed the statistical significance test.

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