Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Climate Catastrophists Foiled Again

Higher death rates from heat waves. (Exactly how many deaths from heat waves have we had, and how many compared to deaths of homeless by freezing? Huh?)
"We shouldn't build on vulnerable pieces of land," said Mark Yakabuski, president of the Insurance Bureau of Canada. "Building codes should have to take global warming into account."
Yakabuski said insurance claims related to geological and weather events are 20 times higher today than in the 1970s, if inflation is taken into account. Climate change, he said, "is a threat that is real beyond anything we've faced before."
(Yakabuski might be a whiz at insurance, but does he think that geological events (earthquakes & volcanoes) are caused by climate change? And has he taken into account that values of assets have increased much more than rates of inflation and that there is likely 20 times as many assets to insure as in the 70's. Huh?
Perks cautioned that the insurance industry is a big part of Toronto's financial success and suggested federal politicians might pay more attention to climate change if they considered the impact it could have on the private sector.
(And what exactly is Comrade Perks saying here? That Climate Change is gonna kill all the insurance companies? Huh? That they're not just gonna raise their rates to take on more risk - is it possible that these insurance companies might use this catastrophist outlook to raise rates anyway? Huh, Gord? Have you ever gotten outside your commune and read anything but the communist manifesto? Huh?)

And, meanwhile, in a moment of sobriety, The Star DID report on a York U physicist smacking down a shibboleth that jet contrails are a contributor to Global Warming. The "common wisdom" was that this was proved on 9/12 to 9/14, 2001 when the skies were free of aircraft.
"The American researchers need to look a bit harder at the original data," Wijngaarden said.
And, a proponent of the original study (a geography professor - David Travis - from U of Wisconsin) showed his knowledge of geography:
"It's possible that Canada simply doesn't have a high enough density of jet traffic for contrails to make any difference"But Travis said he had not realized Pearson Airport has been ranked 20th busiest airport in the world measured by takeoffs and landings.
Don't send your kids to be educated by this man.

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